Boba Box 2020 Summary

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Let us not sugar coat it. 2020 was a difficult year for everyone. Through all the ups and downs however, the industry we love has remained resilient, and there have been some great successes for bubble tea! 

So before we look at the shiny New Year ahead, full of shiny new products, let us give you the Boba Box team’s 2020 in a nutshell (or pearl.)

Coffee Jelly Break


This year, we saw a huge trend for coffee jellies.

Whether they were topping milk lattes or at the bottom of indulgent dalgona creations, they were the most popular jelly flavour of 2020, and a regular feature on our Insta feeds.

Did you know? Our coffee flavoured jelly is made from tasty coconut pulp, making it vegan, and completely konjac free. Add it to your cart now.     


As we all aim to reduce our use of plastic, the spotlight was on a range of recyclable consumables this year.

Ahead of official bans on use of plastic for retailers across Europe, we’ve seen our customers get creative with their reusable goods. From customised steel straw gift sets to colourful branded portable cups, we have loved seeing the interesting ways we can move towards a more environmentally conscious industry.      

Out of the range of biodegradable products we have on offer, our eco-friendly pick of the year has been our 12mm bamboo straws. Made from 100% bamboo fibre, these straws are sturdy, cleanable, and will easily break down when you have finished use. 

Take a look at our full reusable range here.


We’ll keep it short but sweet. BB creamer still reigns supreme over AQ creamer in Boba Box sales this year.  


After listening to your great feedback, we extended our array of cups on offer this year. 

Joining our best-selling regular, was our chubby, and our skinny range.    

Wide-bottomed, our chubby cups fit loads of chunky toppings and look cute with bold and pastel shaded teas. Our skinny cups can be packed to the brim with ice for refreshing shimmer teas or layered up for intricate looking recipes.

Both are available to add to your cart now.


If you kept up with bubble tea on Instagram this year, you would have seen a lovely new addition to the lid game.  

A range of heart stoppers were seen in the hands of influencers, making an adorable way to keep hot boba safely inside the cup, and increase brand recognition as enjoy drinks off site due to Covid requirements.  

Share the love with both red and pink-hearted stoppers in our lid range here


2020 was the year of cheese foam.

Though we saw a lot of movement when it came to toppings, from increasing our range of tapioca to extending our exciting syrup flavours, it was this Asian favourite that was the most popular with our customers this year.

With its sweet and salty taste, our cheese foam tops milk tea beautifully, and also makes for a tangy twist on all fruit recipes. Add it to your cart now.  


As the hospitality industry has needed to adapt to the pandemic, we have seen an outstanding boom in delivery business.

For that reason, we think our sealing machine has been our top-selling machinery of the year!

Cost effective, easy to set up, and a way to ensure customers enjoy your bubble tea off-site. Our sealing machine has helped our customers keep trading during the pandemic.    

Find out about our full range of machinery here.


We would not have been able to do so without your patience, loyalty, and support. 


To purchase any of our top-selling products this year, click here. Or sign up to our newsletter now to make sure you don’t miss out on the launch of our new products next year.

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