Industry Announcement - Frequently Asked Questions

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Dear customer,
Please find the answer to the frequently asked questions about the Boba Box & Industry Announcement

Are you refusing orders?

At present, we are reviewing each order against the previous purchase history.

Why have you chosen to do business this way?

This decision was solely brought upon by the unprecedented market conditions and our goal to remain supportive and reliable towards our loyal customer base during these challenging times.


How are you reviewing orders? What are your limits? How frequently can we order?

This is reviewed against your regular purchase history, volume and orders.

We are applying limits based on the above and on the product category.


Are you accepting new customers/I would like to change my supplier and purchase from you instead – where do I begin?

We would love to onboard you as a new customer on a first-come-first-served basis.

If you prefer you can send us an email ( with the products/quantities you would like to purchase and we will check the availability before you place the order.


When will you be restocked?

We have regular shipments arriving throughout the year, but certain product categories are being affected due to market conditions leading to longer lead times, as a result, we need to monitor and restrict sales on these accordingly.


I am a regular customer, why have you restricted or cancelled my order?

Whilst we operate under challenging conditions, we have made the decisions to ensure we can supply our regular customers with the products you have always relied on us for. If you regularly order, this will be in your purchase history and we are accepting all these orders.


Where mass purchasing has just started occurring since March 2021 as the market conditions worsened, this will be reviewed and restricted.


If your order falls outside of your regular purchase patterns, we may restrict it to prevent panic buying. We take into account shop closures during lockdowns and a surge in buying patterns according to hospitality reopening.


If your order contains products not normally ordered from us, we may apply a restriction as those items were not part of your past purchase history and not accounted for as part of your regular volume.

When will the market stabilise?

The root of the ongoing market instability stems from production capacity restrictions that were enforced due to water restrictions in Taiwan.


The global logistics was already fragile because of the pandemic and was further exacerbated by the Suez Canal incident.


Both of these problems are beyond our control. However, rest assured we are closely monitoring the situation with our partners as it develops.

When I will be able to buy Juice Balls and Jellies?

The juice ball supply will be an issue for the foreseeable future as factory lead times at present are around 11 months (from 2 months) so as expected, this has severely disrupted production and supply across the UK and European market.

This is an issue affecting all suppliers and shops on a global level and is not a decision we take lightly to restrict this product to existing volume only, especially in the current environment and all our customers being independent small businesses.

In light of this, I can only advise you to check our Flash Stock event at the end of the month.

It is unlikely we will be able to stabilise supply for this product (if you do not have 12 months existing regular purchase history) for the next few months at least.

We have significantly increased our jellies purchasing to accommodate for not being able to supply the juice balls but this will become available at the end of the year (2021).


What about the payment I made?

When you make a payment, it is only deferred on your bank account, meaning the payment is pending until it is released.

We only take the payment after we dispatch the goods and only for the products that were sent.

If your order gets cancelled, the pending payment becomes void. We do not take the funds for these; however, it depends on your bank how long it will take for that to be reflected back into your account.



The Flash Stock (surplus stock) is an exclusive event for customers who subscribe to our newsletter.

This is the perfect opportunity to buy high-demand products and flavours (such as Juice Balls and Jellies) outside/without your purchase history (12 months). The event happens in the end of the month.

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I am an EU customer, does this affect me?

All orders, regardless of geographical location are being reviewed.

You can access our EU store here:


What are the current lead times for deliveries?

Please allow 3-5 working days for delivery as the reviews on each order take some time.


Thanks for your patience during this challenging time and please keep an eye on our website for further news and updates. 



Boba Box team

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