Tea Can Filter - 11cm (1 pc)


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Mastering the art of brewing tea is no joke.

A nicely brewed tea can make the difference between an ordinary bubble tea and one worth remembering; our specially designed Tea Can Filter is designed to help you make the latter.

With an 11cm circumference and holding an average of 100g of tea per filter, this allows you to brew your tea easily and then strain all at once after you reach the desired tea strength. No need to worry about loose leaves left behind creating a bitter effect,

Using the hook and chain on one of the edges of your tea container, you can easily lift the tea filter out preventing you from burning your fingers whilst straining hot tea manually through a sieve.


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Tea Can Filter - 11cm (1 pc)

Tea Can Filter - 11cm (1 pc)

11cm Tea Can Filter. Brew your tea like a pro

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