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* Juice Ball - Mix D


£15.75 per tub

Juice Balls - MIf buying in smaller units, our Juice Ball Mixers gives you the options to try a number of different flavours in one box.

  • Pomegranate (NC)
  • Orange (AC)
  • Kiwi (NC)
  • Blueberry (NC)

Add to drinks and desserts to give them a colourful, fun & delicious appeal.

  • Each flavour comes in a 3.2kg tub
  • Approx 64 servings per tub (50g)
  • Vegan / Vegetarian Certified
  • Halal Certified

*AF are artificially coloured products. NC are natural coloured products.


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* Juice Ball - Mix D

* Juice Ball - Mix D

Juice Ball Mix - Pomegranate / Orange / Kiwi / Blueberry

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