Red Berry Flavoured Simple Juice Balls (AC) - 3.4kg tub (BBD 24 Mar 2021)


£17.75 tax incl.


£8.27 per 3.4kg tub

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 4


Due to the very high amount of juice ball damages we have sustained recently, we will no longer be fulfilling orders via courier when juice balls are included.

We will only be dispatching these orders when there is a large enough order for a pallet dispatch (across total order/mixed items - approx 6 cases mixed stock). If you add any juice ball products to your order and do not meet the minimum criteria, they will be removed from your order.

We will review this on 30th September 2020

Part of our new range, we've hand selected the top selling flavours into a economical simple range. Your customers will enjoy a wide variety of flavours to blend and mix as they get a burst of red berry juice as they bite into each pearl.

Fantastically versatile, they can be added to drinks or desserts to give them a colourful, fun and deliciously unique appeal.

With an alginate coating, they contain no allergens.

  • Each tub is 3.4kg net weight
  • 1 case contains 4 tubs
  • Artificially coloured juice balls
  • Manufactured in Taiwan
  • Minimum 3 month shelf life unless specified otherwise

Storage instructions:

  • Ambient storage until opened
  • Once opened, store in refrigerator and use within 1 month

Suitable for:

  • Drinks
  • Desserts


Ingredients JBE49 - Water, Sugar, Firming Agent (Calcium Lactate), Flavouring (Cranberry Extract), Acidity Regulator (Malic Acid), Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid), Gelling Agent (Sodium Alginate), Thickener (Xanthan Gum), Colour: E129 (Allura Red AC), Colour: E133 (Brilliant Blue FCF), Preservative (Potassium Sorbate)
Attention E129 may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children. Not suitable for children under 5 years old.


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Red Berry Flavoured Simple Juice Balls (AC) - 3.4kg tub (BBD 24 Mar 2021)

Red Berry Flavoured Simple Juice Balls (AC) - 3.4kg tub (BBD 24 Mar 2021)

Red red berry juice balls can be consumed directly or mixed with drinks. After biting into them, syrup will flow out.

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