98mm - Automatic Sealing Machine - UK


This product includes VAT.

Price without VAT is £958.33

£1,150.00 per machine

With takeaway and deliveries becoming more commonplace, this machine is perfectly designed for no spills during transit; seal a cup and pop it in your bag to have on-the-go.

  •          110V / 220V
  •          Designed to be used to seal 98mm diameter cups (check materials)
  •          Weight - 26kg
  •          Machine size: Length 360mm, Width 350mm, Height 610mm
  •          3 month warranty period
  •          CE Certified
  •          UK Plug
  •          Wattage: 300 Watts
  •          Designed to seal Boba Box cups
  •          PP, ES, PET material friendly
  •          Made in Taiwan

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98mm - Automatic Sealing Machine - UK

98mm - Automatic Sealing Machine - UK

Automatic Sealing Machine. Seal your drinks safely, so your customers do not spill a single drop.

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