MIX - 3TEA Dessert (4x1kg bags)


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£11.50 per kg

Maintaining Boba Box standards of high quality powders, our 3TEA range offers a unique selection of flavours.

Our 3TEA Flavoured Powders provides an alternative tastes to our other ranges, it is perfect for creating an exotic, dynamic, flavoured menu.

Blend with milk teas to create a custom taste.

The only limit is your creativity and your customer requirements.

  • Each bag is 990g net weight
  • Flavoured milk tea powder
  • Click download for recommended recipes

If buying in smaller units, our 3TEA Powder Mixes gives you the options to try a number of different flavours in one box.

  • Buco Pandan Flavoured Powder
  • Hazelnut Latte Flavoured Powder
  • Tiramisu Coffee Flavoured Powder
  • Truffle Chocolate Milk Flavoured Powder


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MIX - 3TEA Dessert (4x1kg bags)

MIX - 3TEA Dessert (4x1kg bags)

3TEA Powder Mix - Buco Pandan / Hazelnut Latte / Tiramisu Coffee / Truffle Chocolate

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