Stunning Star-Shaped Mango Flavour Coconut Jelly, combining perfect taste with pleasing aesthetics for drinks and desserts Created with coconut pulp for a versatile and allergen free delight that’s suitable for vegans Crafted in Taiwan, under meticulous Boba Box quality protocols
Coffee Flavour Coconut Jelly delivers a kick of mighty flavour with a delightful bite, goes well with drinks and desserts A vegan-friendly delight made with coconut pulp, bringing joyful taste to a larger audience Manufactured in Taiwan, adhering to strict Boba Box Quality assurance standards
Lids & Seals

Lids - 95mm PP Dome Lids (100 pcs)

Dome Lids. A classic look for those bubble teas with a little something extra on top.
A superior quality Blueberry Flavoured Syrup bursting with brilliant flavour Made using vegan-friendly ingredients, catering to customers diverse palate Taiwan-crafted and echoing excellence, ensured by Boba Box quality focused ethos
Mango yellow juice balls can be consumed directly or mixed with drinks. After biting into them, syrup will flow out.
VEGAN Truffle Chocolate Flavoured Powder has temptingly tasty, authentic flavour, benefitted by being rid of animal products  Fulfills the wish for great flavour that can be enjoyed by a broad range of customers Manufactured in Taiwan, sticking to meticulous quality assurance measures imposed by Boba Box
Pink Heart Clear Lids Pink Heart Clear Lids 2
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£8.99 £9.99
Pink Heart Clear Lids. A classic look for your bubble tea cups.  
Pink Heart Black Lids for boba teas Pink Heart Black Lids for boba teas 2
  • -20%
£7.99 £9.99
Pink Heart Black Lids. A classic look for your bubble tea cups.  
Pink Heart White Lids. Pink Heart White Lids. 2
  • -20%
£7.99 £9.99
Pink Heart White Lids. A classic look for your bubble tea cups.  
Lids - 90mm PP Skinny (Black RH) (100 pcs) Lids - 90mm PP Skinny (Black RH) (100 pcs) 2
  • -25%
£7.06 £9.41
Black Red Heart Lids. A classic look for your bubble tea cups.  
Lids - 90mm PP Skinny (White RH) (100 pcs) Lids - 90mm PP Skinny (White RH) (100 pcs) 2
  • -25%
£7.06 £9.41
White Red Heart Lids. A classic look for your bubble tea cups.  
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Lids & Seals

Lids - 95mm PP Flat Lids (100 pcs)

Flat Lids. A classic look for your bubble tea cups.
Our marvelous VEGAN Milk Tea Flavour Powder has a wonderful, genuine tea taste with an entirely vegan list of ingredients Free of any products of animal origin, a gem for vegans and a wide ranging amount of customers Taiwan-produced, having met the high benchmark of quality standards established by Boba Box

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Pineapple Flavoured Syrup has a popular, punchy tropical taste people will love A universal choice, a delightful syrup made with the vegan palate in mind Made in Taiwan, adhering to a strict quality focused ethos set for Boba Box products

Fructose Filling Machine

Boba Box Fructose Filling Machine. A handy device for consistent and efficient fructose supply.
Assam Black Tea. A full bodied and traditional tea with no compromises in terms of fragrance and flavour.
Making flavourful drinks is simple with our superior quality Strawberry Flavoured Syrup A wide reaching choice, benefitting from a vegan friendly recipe Taiwan-made, following strict Boba Box quality guidelines
Cherry Juice Balls (Natural Coloured) - Boba Box Ltd.
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£8.32 £18.49
1 Reviews By Our Happy Customers
With a 15% natural Cherry juice infusion, get ready for a delightful burst of flavour A great choice for diverse customer bases, allergen-free and ideal for vegans Manufactured in Taiwan, sticking to the strict standards of Boba Box quality assurance
VEGAN Tiramisu Flavour Powder VEGAN Tiramisu Flavour Powder 2
  • -45%
Try our tantalizing and true to taste VEGAN Tiramisu Flavoured Powder, utilizing a recipe with no animal-originated ingredients  Enjoyable by a numerous amount of customers, a treasure for vegans  Reaches the pinnacle of quality standards set for Boba Box products, Taiwan-manufactured

Sealing Machine Ring 90mm

Sealing Machine Ring. This handy adapter will allow you to seal 90mm diameter cups.
An eye-catching blast of berry taste, our beautiful Blueberry Flavour Coconut Jelly is a vibrant delight for drinks and desserts Crafted using coconut pulp, this product is a vegan certified and allergen-free treasure Made in Taiwan, under the diligent quality assurance protocols set by Boba Box
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