Equipment & Consumables
Equipment & Consumables

From cups to lids to fat straws, we have got your bubble tea equipment needs, sorted. 

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  • Straws

    At Boba Box, you have a choice of either 20cm or 22 cm straws, wrapped or unwrapped.

    They all come with a pointed edge and a 12mm width, which is perfect to fit all drinks and toppings


  • Lids & Seals
    Lids & Seals

    Boba Box provides you with three different solutions to safely seal your Bubble Tea cups:

    • Flat Lids: 95mm diameter, pack of 100 units
    • Dome Lids: 95mm diameter, pack of 100 lids
    • Plastic Sealing Film: seals approx. 3,800 cups, heats between 160-185 degrees Celsius
  • Eco-Friendly

    Here at Boba Box, we care about the environment.

    These items are environmentally friendly, designed to be either reusable or biodegradable.

    Help us make the world a cleaner place.

  • Equipment

    Bubble tea tools and essentials to run your daily operations 

  • Others

    All your alternative consumables

  • Cups

    Our soft PP plastic cups come in three different sizes: 360ml, 500ml and 700ml. 

    They have a 95mm diameter and they are suitable for Boba Box Automatic Sealing machines and Boba Box consumables only.

    Packed in boxes of 1000-2000 units, they can only be sealed with Boba Box Plastic Sealing Film.

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