Premium Powder Range

Meet our impressive Matcha Green Tea Latte Powder, containing a remarkable blend of organic ingredients from Japan Certified as a vegan-friendly creation, providing greater potential sales to a broader range of palates A Boba Box Premium Powder, a high-caliber product thanks to the implementation of stringent quality assurance
Premium Powder Range

Premium - Pure Matcha (500g bag)

Experience the magnitude of our Pure Matcha Powder, an extraordinary taste sensation utilizing genuine Japanese Matcha   Created using vegan-friendly ingredients, allowing it to reach a wider range of clientele  A Boba Box Premium Powder, crafted under the utmost care and quality standards
Premium Powder Range

Premium Chai Latte Powder (1kg bag)

 Choose this Classy Chai Latte Powder for a chance to experience drinks with the finest blend of spices and flavours on offer  Crafted using a vegan certified recipe, bringing satisfying flavour to a broad range of customers A Boba Box Premium Powder, utilizing stringent quality protocols to provide an outstanding product

Our premium range consists of carefully sourced powders that use the highest grade ingredients. Whether you want to blend into lattes, milk teas or have on its own, this will help expand your menus beyond bubble teas. From tea & latte blends through to premium high-grade organic stone-milled pure Matcha, you will be able to create premium quality options at competitive prices

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