3TEA Powder Range

Try out our terrific 3TEA Thai Milk Tea Powder, boasting an authentic taste and colour with perfect sweetness and creaminess Vegetarian certified, making it a great option for more customers Made in Taiwan, following the high level of standards set by Boba Box
3TEA Bamboo Charcoal Powder (1kg bag) 3TEA Bamboo Charcoal Powder (1kg bag) 2
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 Our bold 3TEA Bamboo Charcoal Powder is smooth and creamy, with a dashing dark charcoal colour for distinct-looking drinks  Comes with vegetarian certification, fantastic for a wider range of customers  Produced in Taiwan, under the meticulous quality standards of Boba Box
Our tantalizing 3TEA Toffee Cookie Flavoured Powder combines a delectable blend of toffee and cookie into a sweet delight Tailored for a broad market, taking advantage of a vegetarian recipe Manufactured in Taiwan, meeting the high quality standards for Boba Box products
3TEA Milk Tea Flavoured Powder. Fantastic floral tones with deep creamy taste, a staple of any bubble tea shop menu A universal choice, utilizing a vegetarian-friendly recipe Originating from Taiwan, with adherence to Boba Boxes strict quality protocols
 Highly sought-after, our tremendous 3TEA Taro Flavour Powder is a total triumph of taste packed with authentic nutty tones  A versatile option suitable for vegetarians, fantastic for a broad numberof customers  This product is made in Taiwan, making use of the quality-focused ethos of Boba Box
Put together a fresh-tasting, creamy and refreshing drink with our wondrous 3TEA Watermelon Flavour Powder  Created using vegetarian ingredients, ideal for a wider range of clientele This product is produced in Taiwan, following the strict standards of quality set by Boba Box
Make use of our mighty 3TEA Matcha Flavoured Powder, providing fresh matcha taste with great creamy consistency Employing the use of vegetarian ingredients to offer a broader range of appeal This product originates from Taiwan, reaching the high bar of quality set for Boba Box products
 Meet our magnificent 3TEA Mocha Flavoured Powder, crammed with authentic and chocolatey, creamy, coffee taste  Perfect for a wide range of customers, bolstered by a vegetarian certification This product is manufactured in Taiwan, meeting the strict quality benchmarks of Boba Box 
Try out our tremendous 3TEA Truffle Chocolate Flavoured Powder, temptingly tasty with plentiful and faithful taste Featuring a vegetarian certified recipe, offering a wide-ranging appeal This product is manufactured in Taiwan, having met strict Boba Box quality assurance measures

Exclusive to Boba Box, our 3TEA range offers a unique selection of flavours, unmatched in the market! These powders have had rave reviews for their authentic tastes. Perfect for creating an exotic, dynamic, flavoured milk bubble tea menu.

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