Shipping &
delivery page

Hello and welcome to Boba Box shipping and delivery page! Here you can read some details about the lifecycle of your order's journey from the time you place your order to the time of delivery. At first you choose the product you like. Then you put into your shopping cart and checkout in a few clicks. We offer the below payment and delivery methods, so you have an opportunity to choose which one is the most convenient for you.

Delivery methods

  • Own Courier Collect

    If you choose the own courier collect method, please note that this means that you responsible for the products from collection up until delivery to yourself. In this case, we hold no responsibility for damages or loss of product during transit. In accordance with health and safety guidelines, there is no option to personally collect the goods yourself if not from a courier or qualified to do so. At all times the safety and security of our customers are of primary concern to us. Not too convenient for you? Please read on and get to know what other delivery methods we provide. 

  • Courier Delivery Service

    Deliveries are outsourced to couriers whom we have developed long-term working relationships. If you choose this method of shipment we will organise the goods from pick through to delivery. Please make sure a member of staff is on the premises to accept your delivery, between 9 am and 6 pm weekdays.

  • Pallet to Pavement

    Boba Box will deal with all the tasks involved in moving goods from the warehouse to pavement. If you choose this method of delivery please note that the delivery includes the pallet. For information about pallet disposal, contact your local authority. Please make sure a member of staff is available to accept your delivery, between 9 am and 6 pm weekdays.

  • International delivery

    We deliver to most locations in Europe but if you are unsure, please contact us before placing your order. Deliveries outside of the UK may be subject to customs clearance, import taxes and additional local charges for which you are solely responsible. Please note we do not have control over these import requirements and will be unable to advise on the requirements or charges.

Payment methods

  • Visa & MasterCard

    Payment is the final step of the purchasing process. Boba Box pays special attention to this point as making payment in a secured environment is a must. We accept Visa & MasterCard and other major card providers.

  • Bank Transfer

    We accept Bank Transfer Payments please note that orders must be £300 or more. Once the order is placed, please proceed to payment. Payment details are included on the invoice provided at the time of placing your order. Your order is not confirmed until receipt of payment into the Boba Box Bank account.

  • Cash Payment

    We do not accept Bank or Cheque Payments. You can pay by Bank Transfer or Credit/Debit Card. We accept major card providers.