How did the humble straw get so smart?

The first answer is nature. The second and more pertinent is when Boba Box were the first to introduce the bamboo straw to the largest range of Bubble Tea ingredients and supplies in the UK, in September 2019.

Always ahead of the curve, at Boba Box, when we learned that back then over 8.5bn plastic straws were used and disposed of in the UK alone, our environmental conscience kicked-in and we took the initiative way before the ban on single use plastic straws came into force in October 2020.

A single use plastic straw is defined as that made wholly or partly of plastic and not designed or intended to be reused. So, you will realise from this, that even now, many retailers are flouting the law and liable to be fined for doing so.

Our loyal customers buy from across our extensive product and ingredient range and we were keen to continue to look out for customers to ensure they stay compliant, avoid potential fines and of course stay eco-friendly.

Incredibly strong and resilient, bamboo straws reduce use of throwaway plastics, are reusable and can be recycled. Yet, when we introduced bamboo straws at first there was reluctance, but then little by little our humble straw became not so humble.

Our orders escalated and Boba Box, the first to bring bubble tea and juice balls to the UK, were seen to innovate again. Add this to our extensive range of vegetarian society approved, vegan friendly ingredients and those who open the Boba Box consistently come back for more. Another reason to go green in the run-up to St Patrick’s Day and beyond.

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