Trend Alert: Cream Foam

Market Trend: Cream Foam

Introducing our rich cream foams, adding this velvety topping improves your tea with a luxury Instagrammable look.
You might think this curious combo would taste strange, but actually the thick, flavoured creaminess simply complements the tea, bringing a perfect balance... also leaving you with a creamy moustache, just enough warmth for winter...


Consumers already LOVE this product. Any bubble tea connoisseur would think this is a tea-riffic addition, we have no doubts about it.


Calling all cheese lovers (or not...)

We understand not everyone loves cheese as much as us but we all know it complements many things and as incredibly cheesy people ourselves, we decided to look for a recipe where we could add our favourite guilty pleasure within our drinks somehow.

Here we have handpicked the perfect cheese cream foam to go with our teas. Packing a punch when you first open the product, the finished taste is perfectly suited for earthy teas. We especially like it with lemon green tea or a classic milk tea.

And for the "not so much" cheese lovers, we have a smooth tasty vanilla cream foam, yum. We found blending this with matcha and taro milk teas enriched the recipes, creating a perfect symphony of flavours.

Honestly, if you are interested in having a unique taste for your store, we'll show you how to use this product.

Video Tutorial: Cream Foam




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