Flash Stock - Black Friday to Cyber Monday | Everything you need to know! (Boba Box UK)




Get ready for the special edition of Boba Box Flash Stock: Black Friday & Cyber Monday special sale!

This is the perfect opportunity to purchase high-demand products and flavours you may not normally be able to purchase with an extra discount on top!

Starting November 26th, at 12.00am (Friday), you will receive an email with the link to early-access our Flash Stock event.

Check out our helpful tips and important information below to make the most of this offer:

How to enjoy the Flash Stock event?

1) Subscribe to our newsletter and opt-in marketing communications.

You can subscribe to:
- Boba Box UK: bit.ly/BobaBoxNews-UK
- Boba Box EU: bit.ly/BobaBoxNews-EU

2) On November 26th, 12.00am (Friday), you will receive a link to early-access our sale via email.

3) You must log in to your Boba Box account on our website (www.bobabox.co.uk) to be able to see the Flash Stock category.

4) In this special link, (only products in the Flash Stock category are part of the sale), choose the products and quantities you would like to purchase and add them to your cart.

5) Complete the checkout and payment. Read the payment section for more information.

6) Please be aware that due to the high volume, delays may occur. Thank you for understanding.

When will the Flash Stock happen?

The Boba Box Flash Stock will start Friday 26th, 12.00am and end on Monday 29th, 15.00pm or until stocks last.

You will receive an email at 12.00am to access the Flash Stock special page with available products and quantities.

Only the products in this category are considered part of our special sale and have discounts.

How to access the Flash Stock?

1) Log in to your account on our website. You must log in to be able to access the link.

2) Click on the link we will send via email and check out the products available.

Keep in mind that our Flash Stock will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis only.
Only the products in this category are considered part of our special sale and have discounts.

You will be able to see the discount on the website.

What makes the Flash Stock event special?

The Flash Stock is the perfect opportunity for you to buy high-demand products (such as Juice Balls and Jellies) and try new flavours and products without/outside of your usual purchase history (12 months).

The products available at the Flash Stock event will be automatically approved. However, if you add products outside the Flash Stock event to your order, those products will be reviewed and may delay the processing time.

Since these are high-demand products and we only have a few cases of each available, there is a maximum purchase quantity per customer.

The Flash Stock Black Friday to Cyber Monday will offer extra discounts on all products in the special sale link!

Will products be sold in cases?

Some will be to manage supply.
You can check how many units are inside a case in the product description.


We are accepting payments via Credit/Debit Card and Bank Wire.

All bank wire orders must be made on the same day.
If payments are not received, the order will be automatically cancelled. We can also provide a payment link upon request

All unpaid orders will be cancelled at 16.00pm on Monday (November 29th) and cannot be reinstated.

Will my order will be reviewed?

Orders containing only Flash Stock products are automatically approved.

Products and quantities outside the Flash Stock will be subject to review according to your purchase history.

We recommend adding only products from the Flash Stock for the fastest approvals.

I already signed up for the newsletter, but I don't think I opt-in the marketing communication / I didn't receive previous Flash Stock communications. What should I do?

Please send an email to: office@bobabox.co.uk, authorising us to change your email preferences.

Only customers who opt-in to marketing communications will receive the Flash Stock emails

How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

Please allow 5-7 working days for delivery.
However, keep in mind that due to the high-volume delays may occur.
We will send a shipped notification the evening before delivery

Will the Flash Stock will be opened to everyone?

Yes. The Flash Stock will be open to all customers on Friday 26th at 9.30am.

Customers who subscribe to our newsletter will receive early access to the sale from 12.00am to 9.30am first.

Will Boba Box restock Flash Stock products on the website during the day?

No. The products and quantities will be available in the Flash Stock category until the stock lasts.

Will the products and discounts are the same for Boba Box United Kingdom and Europe?

No. Boba Box UK and EU have different products, quantities and discounts.

Please access the Flash Stock according to the store you would like to purchase from.

If you want to receive the link for the Boba Box EU Flash Stock, you must subscribe to our EU newsletter.

What products will be available?

A wide range of products including Juice Balls, Jellies, Powders, Syrups and more!

Keep an eye on our communications!
You will be able to check all products and quantities available on Friday 26th.

I didn't receive the link for the Flash Stock. What should I do?

1) Confirm if you subscribed to our newsletter and opt-in for marketing communication
2) Confirm that you log in to our website. You must log in to be able to see the category.
3) You will be able to access the general sale, on Friday (Nov 26th) at 9.00am.
4) If you are still facing problems, contact us via email: office@bobabox.co.uk

(*You will be able to contact our Customer Support Team via email on Friday after 9.30am)


Thank you.
Enjoy our special event!

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