Boba Box Green Fizz Recipe

As spring approaches, we launch another delicious recipe to help inspire you in the coming months.

Our Green Fizz recipe is cool, refreshing and delicious! Taking some inspiration from a healthy January, we finish off with a dash of tart lemon juice and garnish!

Ingredients used

- Apple Syrup with Pulp (20ml)

- Cucumber Syrup (20 ml)

- 1 Lime, quartered

- Jasmine Green Tea (200ml)

- Ice

- A dash of lemonade

- Garnish of mint (finishing touch)

Green Fizz

1. Combine 3/4 Lime, Apple Syrup with Pulp and Cucumber Syrup in a cocktail shaker

2. Pour in the jasmine tea and mix

3. Add ice and shake the ingredients until cool to the touch

4. Pour into a cup, add a dash of lemonade, sprig of mint, stir and enjoy!

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