Mister Panda Recipe

Mister Panda Video Recipe

We take inspiration from our panda friends as we showcase a black and white blend and pair up with our matching black and white tapioca pearls and play off contrasting colours to create a very visually appealing drink!

Not only aesthetically pleasing, it is also yummy AND delicious - definitely a drink you can serve all year around

Created by blending charcoal with vanilla milk and foam on our recipe, you can choose to mix it up further by swapping out the milk flavour or even adding on a delicious tiramisu or strawberry foam to give it an extra colourful edge.


Boba Box Mr Panda Recipe on Vimeo

OR watch on YouTube here

Boba Box Recipe Mister Panda Boba Box Recipe

The boba-riffic barista, Bubble Tea Kristin, has designed this recipe exclusively using the below Boba Box products:

#Products used:

  • ‣ 2 scoops AQ Vanilla
  • ‣ 2 scoops BB Creamer
  • ‣ 15ml Fructose Syrup
  • ‣ 2 scoops 3TEA Charcoal
  • ‣ 75ml Assam Black Tea
  • ‣ Cream Foam - Vanilla (or substitute with Cheese Foam)
  • ‣ AQ Tapioca Pearls (Black)
  • ‣ AQ Tapioca Pearls (White)

#Consumables used:

  • ‣ 700ml Skinny PP Cup
  • ‣ 90mm Black Lid / Red Heart

#Equipment used:

  • ‣ Cocktail shaker (530ml / 700ml)
  • ‣ Plastic Scoop
  • ‣ 100ml Measuring Jug
  • ‣ Iron Mixer
  • ‣ Stainless Net

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