What makes it Bubble Tea?

The beauty of Bubble Tea is its individuality. There is no right or wrong way to make it.

The ingredients are simple and easy to put together and by following our clear guidelines you’ll be on the way to becoming a Bubble Tea expert in no time.

FLAVOUR – Powders & Syrups

Flavour rests at the very heart of Bubble Tea. The amazing taste is what makes it such a refreshing beverage enjoyed my so many. 

Powders, or syrups are the most common methods of doing this, although fruit, fruit purees and juices are also a popular method. Powders and syrups make different types of Bubble Tea. Syrups work best mixed in fresh teas, fruit teas, milkshakes, smoothies, slushes, cocktails, dessert toppings and much more. While powders are ideal for making delightful milk tea and refreshing slushes.

We create the base flavours and encourage you to experiment to find new and exciting variances to match your taste.

AQ Powders: Our highest grade powder, also referred to as ‘double taste’ powders due to their amazing taste. Sweetener and creamer are required to maximise flavour and they are ideal for creating custom made drinks.

AIO Powders: This all-in-one option brings together delightful natural flavouring, balanced sweeteners and a smooth creamer. Finished off with the simple addition of tea, it couldn’t be easier.

3 Tea Powders: Add in a sweetener and creamer to enjoy this beautiful triple blend and see why so many people continue to enjoy its authentic taste.

Premium Latte Powders: Made from premium stone milled ground green tea leaves, this classy organic option is deliciously rich in taste and is ideal for lattes and catering usage.

Fruity Syrups: With 28 mouth-watering fruit syrups to pick from, you’ll never run out of exciting combinations to blend together. From exotic kumquat right through to pineapple and strawberry.


Creamers enhance the quality of your Bubble Tea by giving it a rich and creamy flavour. They can also be added to our powders that already contain creamer, further intensifying the creaminess. Of the many options available, powdered creamers are more common due to their consistency and because they contain no lactose. Dairy products like milk, Coffee-mate, evaporated milk and condensed milk can also work well. We advise never to use a creamer if syrups are used to flavour your Bubble Tea.


Sweeteners are used to supplement your Bubble Tea flavour. Sweetness is one of Bubble Teas main appeals but take care not to ruin the blend balance by using too much. Fructose is a low-cost, popular choice used to thicken the body of the tea. You can always use white, or brown sugar, honey and other sweeteners such as Splenda.


The versatility of Bubble Tea means you can go beyond a traditional tea blend. Blend in milk, fruit juices and other brewed teas to produce your main liquid base. Choose your liquids carefully based on whether you use powder or syrup.

TOPPINGS - Tapioca, Juice-Balls & Jellies

Tapioca pearls are the jewel in the Bubble Tea crown. They are the distinctive part of the recipe that makes it totally unique. Our Taiwanese suppliers have received the highest recognition, including a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) award. Tapioca balls must be cooked to perfect consistency to avoid ruining the drink and to find out how, full cooking instructions can be found on the label and in our training videos. Alternative toppings to tapioca include juice balls, jellies and fresh fruit, which can be used individually, as a combo, or in any creative way that brings out the flavour you are looking for.

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