Why sell Bubble Tea?


Today’s oversaturated beverage market presents the opportunity to offer something distinctive and unique from competitors. The established success of Bubble Tea fits this model perfectly and can yield high-profit margins based on its low production and start-up costs.

Bubble Tea’s flexibility means it can be made quickly and easily to a high standard, allowing it to operate successfully in Bubble Tea bars, kiosks, restaurants, cafés and coffee houses. Many of the products in our range can also be adapted for use with other beverages, widening the creative possibilities available to you.

Average sales for a well-run Bubble Tea shop would be between 150-350 cups a day. Positioned in a location that can maximise its potential, that amount could rise to a daily 500-1,500 cups. For a medium-sized serving, the average sale price in the UK is between £3.00 and £4.00. The costs per drink can vary between £0.40 and £0.90.

As the leading supplier in the UK, we fully understand the growth potential for this wonderful drink. Although relatively new to the mainstream UK market, if marketed correctly, there are a wealth of successful opportunities available.

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