Our endless passion for Bubble Tea has taken us all over the world in search of excellence. Now we want to infuse you with our energy and thirst for this delicious drink.

We continue to break new ground after becoming the first company to launch Bubble Tea and Juice Balls in the UK. As pioneers we see ourselves as more than just Bubble Tea experts. We solve problems and offer creative solutions that will revolutionise the beverage industry. Our success is built upon traditional values because we care about every last detail.

This is more than just a business to us. It’s a way of life.

We want to inspire you to become part of our journey.

  • 230

    Products available

  • Over 10

    years market experience

  • 2500000

    Juice Balls Servings Sold (2020)


Evolution is what drives Boba Box forward. We strive to transform the food and drink industry and encourage others to push the boundaries of their potential.


To continue to build a creative culture that stimulates innovation and to inspire our employees and others to think outside of the box, creating a platform of original ideas and solutions for the food and beverage market. 


Creativity is the key to our success and we apply it to everything that we do. Our exciting product range reflects this clear thinking and inventive approach.

Boba Box extends beyond being the UK’s most comprehensive Bubble Tea supplier. We work to order to source the products that meet your exact needs and create new possibilities. We lead the way when it comes to providing premium ingredients and customised machinery for the food and drink industry. Our innovative product range provides solutions across a wide selection of applications, with your imagination the only limit to what can be achieved.

If you cannot find what you need online, we are always available to help. You want results and we have the right solutions.  


Our tailor made solutions help you overcome your challenges. Everything we provide is based on proven expertise and a core understanding of the unique demands faced by your business. This pioneering approach to problem solving allows us to keep one step ahead of our competitors. 

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