3TEA Range

Unique 3TEA Milk Tea Range

The best start to a new year is introducing 14 new flavours to Boba Box's already impressive menu range. Mixing delicious desserts, fruits of the world and delightful florals; it’s a bucketful of treats, ideal for any kind of mood.


We’re looking to spice up your store with our new 3TEA range giving you new remarkable milk tea powder flavours.

Our team are confident that you will find a flavour you love to add to your menus.


3TEA Fruit & Dessert

3TEA Floral


Why Boba Box decided to bring in different flavours?

Boba Box are extremely proud to be the only company that holds all these exotic flavours launching first into the European markets.


Maintaining our position to stay ahead with high quality products coupled with creative thinking, we see this range as evolving the tea revolution we started. These flavours don't exist in the current market so it gives you something to stay ahead.


It also couldn't be helped that we could not resist the taste and consistency of these mouth-watering flavours.


We love to bring in exclusive products continuing our mission to be at the forefront of innovation. Acknowledging fruits and flavours which are not readily accessible, we are pushing the boundaries to stimulate innovation in the drinks market and inspire you to be creative in your menu.


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3TEA Tiramisu Coffee

3TEA Fruit Mix

3TEA Coconut, Durian, Elderberry

3TEA Truffle Chocolate

3TEA Chamomile & Honey

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