Green Dragon Boba Tea Recipe

"Green Dragon" is Boba Box's latest innovative bubble tea recipe, featuring Green Apple Syrup, Dragon Fruit Syrup, Jasmine Green Tea, and Gradient Powder, designed to dazzle with its taste and mesmerising appearance.

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Boba Box

Taking the Bubble Tea sector and bubble tea retail businesses to the next level

Boba Box continue to set the pace for sector growth, selling the equivalent of 7,070,634 cups of bubble tea in 28 countries in 2022.

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It’s not us who say we’re No.1 but our bubble tea resellers

Quality product and service are at the heart of our offering to our customers, so that they in turn can serve the end-customers with an unmatched bubble tea offering

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Meet The Teenager Who's Obsessed with Bubble Tea

Supplying quality bubble tea products from our huge range just when our customers need it, is not just our business at Boba Box, it's our obsession.

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Consistently bringing the most exciting ingredients and bubble tea flavours for our customers to turn into their very own liquid assets and sell-on for a better return on their investment.

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3TEA Range

Find out more about our new unique flavours inspired by global specialties.                                                                                  

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A new start for Boba Box

Find out why we changed our name and brand.

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