If you’ve not experienced the buzz that surrounds a bubble tea or boba tea shop, you have a treat in store. Equally exciting are the business opportunities.

The UK has very steadily bought into the phenomenon. Yet, it’s no fad, fashion or faux hiatus, that some might regard that which accompanied frozen yoghurt or even cupcakes, where many retailers came and went in a short space of time and just a few brands remain. Bubble tea is clearly here to stay. Consistent growth in the US, Canada and Taiwan, from whence it came, and across South East Asia, undoubtedly bears this out.

At least two factors may account for this…

First, that consumers have real control in creating bespoke drinks according to their taste and mood, each and every time they enter an outlet.

Secondly, here in the UK, the variety of retailer types, means that the UX for consumers can be different on each occasion. The market is made up of the increasingly more visible franchise outlets, the growing presence of desserts shops, along with restaurants and cafes, adding bubble tea to their existing menu, where in many instances it has come to dominate that menu, such has been the popularity of bubble tea in its mix. Additionally, however, it’s the new class of independent retailers, who solely sell bubble tea, who are gaining their own reputation for retailing premier league bubble tea that hits the mood and crucially the quality mark.

So quality is becoming an increasingly key differentiator between providers, as is provenance of product ingredients. From the source and quality of the tea, (principally black or green) as the foundation of your fruit or milk bubble tea, to the powders made from a mix of dry ingredients to create a luscious, authentic, full-bodied taste, to our closer to the fruit syrups. Each add to that recipe for success, as of course do the flavour varieties of the incredibly popular popping juice balls, which totally top the tea for a fun factor experience.

At Boba Box, we won’t be topped. We set the bubble tea bar high. Quality has always been integral our bubble tea supplies and authenticity is at our heart. For the past 12 years, we’ve consistently brought quality to the UK and Europe directly from Taiwan, the home of bubble tea. 

As first to market we’ve learned many things along the way and passed that learning onto our many loyal customers, who as a result have built the foundations for their own successful businesses. In 2022 alone, we sold the equivalent of 7,070,634 cups of bubble tea. In short, Boba Box has helped our customers create the liquid assets for a better bubble tea business and a better return on their investment.

To join them, open the Boba Box today, by contacting us on 020 3856 5880 or email

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