It’s not us who say we’re No.1 but our bubble tea resellers

After 13 years of bubble tea trailblazing, our range has grown exponentially to offer the largest range of bubble tea ingredients and consumables for the UK and across the EU.

As the first to bring bubble tea ingredients to the UK 13 years ago, we have played a significant role in shaping the end-customer offering by providing sole traders, multi-site operators, restaurants, desert shop chains and franchisees a portfolio of flavour profiles and permutations for their menus.

Our primary goal has always been to gain and retain a loyal B2B customer base. And that we have achieved. They consistently vote us Number 1 and that matters.


Because our quality positioning has not deviated from day one. For both our products and our service.

For our customers, they can rest assured that they will be consistently supplied with product that will ensure their own customers return again and again.

For us at Boba Box, it goes beyond customer satisfaction to have attained that loyalty to create a brand our customers trust and engage with, without hesitation, in the knowledge that we are helping to feed and sustain their bubble tea business.

In having been first to market, we would have been amiss to believe that will always give us a competitive advantage as others enter the market. So, we haven’t rested on our laurels.

We continually sample new products and only, once it passes our palate for best bubble tea taste profile, will it find itself on our website ready for our business customers to purchase. Equally, we understand that tastes differ across borders and so we tailor our offering according to market preferences. Our bubble tea hubs in both the UK and the Netherlands are testament to the investment we view as important in satisfying the business needs and growth of our customers.

To learn more of how you can open the Boba Box to a better bubble tea business contact us today on 020 3856 5880 or email

And to make the business opportunity all the more tempting, to celebrate our 13th birthday we’re offering a 13% discount across our entire range for all orders placed on before June 30th.

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