Meet The Teenager Who's Obsessed with Bubble Tea

Bubble tea has gained immense popularity in recent years. Not least in the UK where Boba Box has been the trailblazer for introducing not just the core ingredients, but in addition for the innovative product extensions that have enabled retailers to continuously energise the experience for the end-customer.

That is the beauty of bubble tea. And hence our obsession. It’s a bespoke drink whereby customers can customise the end-result and try different combinations on subsequent occasions, according to mood and taste preferences.

That experiential nature of bubble tea and its aesthetic appeal makes for ideal content in the social media age, with the sharing of photos of bubble tea creations and indeed content of their preparation, often goes viral. These, together with the social aspect of visiting often unique and vibrant bubble tea shops, to whom we are the largest UK supplier of quality product, enhances the overall experience.

Importantly for the expansion of the sector, while the greater portion and initial customer base remains younger audiences, the introduction of new flavours and the ability to edit the sugar content is increasingly making it a go-to drink for older age groups too.

And we’ve certainly come of age. Right now, we’re celebrating our 13 birthday in the sector.

Having grown and consolidated our UK customer base, which continues to grow, two years ago we opened a distribution centre in The Netherlands for fulfilment of orders across the EU. Soon there’ll be a third centre fulfilling orders and many more initiatives in the pipeline. And with our investment in stunning photography our market leading premium positioning is further evidence that we’re not just a market leader but happily obsessed.

To learn more of how you can open the Boba Box to a better bubble tea business, contact us today on 020 3856 5880 or email

And to make the business opportunity all the more tempting, to celebrate our 13th birthday we’re offering a 13% discount across our entire range for all orders placed on before June 30th.

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