Taking the Bubble Tea sector and bubble tea retail businesses to the next level

Bubble tea is a market that at first may have been deemed a fad, but it has shown its hardiness as a segment of the market that’s here for the long term.

Those that have approached it as a means to make a quick buck are steadily falling by the wayside, leaving those who are serious about carving their place in an ever-growing market.

As the first to bring bubble tea ingredients to the UK 13 years ago, we have played our role in shaping the offering to sole traders, multi-site operators, restaurants, dessert shop chains and franchises.

Of course, we’re not on any altruistic mission, but with a passion for quality, elevating the sector and individual businesses to the next level, we aim to be ahead of the curve so our customers can be similarly so and the end-customer can tap into those products, launches and the experiential joy that drinking bubble tea brings.

Offering bubble tea is very much a bespoke experience for the end-customer, so as much as it allows individuals to create their own ‘best’ bubble tea with various permutations of the core ingredients, our customers equally need a supplier with the widest range of product and direct access to the manufacturers who can supply volume of SKUs when required.

So how do we keep-up this premium quality positioning?

Having been first to market, evolution rather than revolution is the path we now follow.

In this way, there is substance behind our launches. Our weekly tasting table sessions have become legendary, where we often dismiss innovations in syrups, powders, juice balls, jellies and the other staple ingredients in the bubble tea larder to ensure our portfolio retains that quality for which we’ve become renown.

From too watery, to too sweet and all points in between are regular comments when dismissing potential introductions, as we seek flavour profiles closer to perfection in meeting our expectations and so our customers’ expectation of what the titled flavour should taste like. Perhaps that’s why many regard Boba Box as the sommelier of the bubble tea market.

To learn more of how you can open the Boba Box to a better bubble tea business, contact us today on 020 3856 5880 or email office@bobabox.co.uk

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