A new start for Boba Box

With the start of a new year comes a brand new name and look for Bubblelicious Tea. 2017 was a fantastic year for us thanks to the ongoing support of all our customers, and we’ve been busy making plans to build on our success so we can continue to grow together. Read on to find out more about why we have re-branded and created an exciting new website.


We started our journey in 2010 as Bubblelicious Tea and as the demand for our services has grown year-on-year, so has our ability to provide cutting-edge solutions. This has now seen us evolve into Boba Box - your one-stop shop not only for bubble tea, but for all your beverage related needs.

In an increasingly crowded industry, customers need a company that can offer solutions that will directly address and resolve their concerns in the market. Boba Box stands out from the competition not only because of the wide range of services we provide but due to our strong reputation that customers can clearly identify with, making them proud to be part of the journey.

Whilst we have changed our name to Boba Box you can rest assured that you will continue to receive the same level of service and products as always. Our team behind the scenes hasn’t changed and we have done all we can to ensure your experience is improved in every way.


Customers will benefit from the re-branding of the company which has been designed to better reflect our range of services and products.

Our new logo demonstrates our growth which has seen us become established as a key supplier to the beverage market. The new website is an exciting addition that makes ordering our delicious products quick and easy.

As Boba Box continues to expand so will our resources and capabilities in the market, ensuring you continue to receive tailor made solutions to help your own business to reach its full potential.


At Boba Boxwe’re all about creativity and searching for new ideas and ways to innovate. As our company has grown, so have we, as have our amazing team that make it all possible behind the scenes. We felt it was time to bring the company to a new stage to illustrate our development and so Boba Box was born - but what does the name and new logo mean for you?

A beautifully designed ‘flavour flower’ logo is full of the passion and energy we give to every product we supply. The concept behind our logo encapsulates the variety we offer as well as the fun and engaging personality of our company itself. And the flower colours are “outside” of the box, indicating our forward thinking and creative energy of staff and attitude towards our customers and suppliers.

This commitment to all our customers ensures Boba Box will continue to strive for the very best food and beverage solutions.


We’re confident you will enjoy our new website that will enhance your experience with Boba Box. There’s a whole host of new features in-store for you to enjoy which you can see in more detail below:

New design and colour:
 The distinctive Boba Box brand now shows our creative and innovative approach to offering the best solutions in the market. The website now clearly reflects the colourful range of drink products we supply to all our customers.


Mobile friendly: A key part of our new look is the new mobile friendly version that is easy to navigate and makes ordering so much easier. This is ideal for shop owners and small businesses who need to order on the move and our new design allows you do so quickly and accurately.

Improved navigation and user experience:
We have made it easier for website visitors to find what they need quickly and easily. Newly designed categories and sections can be found from the drop down menus so you can find what you need with a few simple clicks.

Realistic product pages and images:
 High resolution images now reflect the vibrancy of the Boba Box range including full ingredient and nutritional information, plus an order processing countdown to help you plan receipt of deliveries.

New shopping cart:
 Our new layout makes it easier to view the full details of your order, adding in automated discounts where applicable with multiple delivery and payment methods available.

Upgraded account section:
 At the click of a button you can view your full order history and download VAT invoices, manage delivery addresses, print off credit slips and returns, access vouchers and store favourite products.

Ordering through the website and mobile guarantees secure payment complete with SSL Certificate. The protection of your payment details is our priority and we will do all we can to ensure they remain safe every time. 

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